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Our commitment to excellence in everything we do is one of our founding principles.

Where it All Began

Our goal was to form a firm unlike any other real estate firm we knew of in America. Not another “also ran” real estate agency, but a professional services firm who’s vertical just happened to be real estate. We wanted to establish our operating principles to benefit our clients and agents, not ourselves. For almost 25 years, we’ve delivered trusted expertise and unparalleled results every step of the way.

25 Years of Excellence

Our core belief in change and positive energy has served us well—this year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

Market Leaders 2023


Market Leaders

Through 2023, WFP continues to lead the luxury market in Washington, D.C. and across the Capital Region. Today, we have 150 powerhouse agents and 10 offices in the Greater Capital Region, and have expanded “organically” to the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Expanding to Hunt Country 2006


Expanding to Hunt Country

In 2006, we acquired Armfield, Miller & Ripley Fine Properties in Middleburg and Washington, Virginia, another former Sotheby’s affiliate, based on the belief, which has been strongly borne out, that more and more Washingtonians and Virginians would want to have a footing in both places.

On a Wing and a Prayer 1999


On a Wing and a Prayer

On a “wing and a prayer” we came to be in February of 1999. The four of us will never forget twenty years ago surfing the waves of our favorite beach and then over lunch conjecturing about the future of residential real estate in America...

Robust Growth 2008


Robust Growth

2008 brought a recessionary period which we here in Washington seemed to skirt better than most markets in the U.S. It actually began a robust period of growth for WFP which continues to this day. While firms began downsizing in earnest, realizing they were “bricks” heavy, we continued our office expansion in select markets.

Networked Era 2004


Networked Era

In 2004, when Realogy bought the whole of Sotheby’s International Realty and was changing their affiliate structure to a franchisee structure, we dropped our affiliation with Sotheby’s and aligned ourselves with a handful of “truly select” luxury organizations that we thought would better serve our clients at the luxury end.

Ready to Make Your Move?

Ready to Make Your Move?

Proven and tested, we have you covered locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.