Private Placement Program

Private Placement

The approach you choose to use in selling your home should be tailored to your specific needs. As a full-service real estate brokerage known for the "finest" listings in all price ranges, and especially at the higher end, Washington Fine Properties can offer you alternatives when it comes time to sell your home. Listing in our "Private Placement" program may be appealing for a variety of reasons. Often, very personal reasons prompt an interest in our Private Placement program, or you may want to test a more aggressive price before going into the multiple listing service, but sometimes you may simply want the greater privacy and security a private placement listing offers.

How Does Private Placement Differ From Using The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) ?

Our "Private Placement" listings are not listed in our local MLS, so they are not marketed to the greater public. Rather, they are marketing more discretely and privately by our agents using our own internal networks. An MLS listing is typically shared with hundreds of websites to gain maximum exposure to the buying public, as well as to the media. Our Private Placement program allows you to limit both the print and online exposure of your property, whether for personal or business reasons, and instead focus on a very narrow, targeted pool of highly interested and qualified buyers. As "off-market" listings, Private Placement listings enjoy a more specialized, nuanced marketing effort, one relying heavily on personal referrals and word-of-mouth.

Why WFP's Private Placement Program?

Washington Fine Properties has been the Capital Regions' market leader in Private Placement for the last 20 years. From day one we strategically chose to remain a smaller, more highly networked firm in order to attract the most seasoned and accomplished agents in our market. Our agents outperform their peers on such metrics as "highest average sale" and "highest average sales volume per agent" by a wide margin, and that, combined with our exceptional collegiality, powers our Private Placement program like no other Private Placement program in our market.

Our agents are highly active, engaged, and involved in real estate on a full-time basis. They are constantly talking to other agents within and outside of our firm to keep up to date on all the latest market activity. We are blessed with a network of agents more powerful than any other agent network in the Capital Region and this is a critical consideration when choosing to market your property in Private Placement. This is exactly when word-of-mouth "advertising" and agent relationships are the difference between listing your home and selling your home.

A Record of Success

Charts showing our Average Sales Productivity Per Agent, Highest Average Sale and Overall Record of Success

You Can't Go Wrong Either Way

In the end, you will decide which sales approach makes the most sense for your needs and we will construct a plan to accomplish that goal. As you come to a final decision, however, there are several considerations you will want to weigh in the balance such as current market conditions. Is it a buyer's market or a seller's market? Within your specific neighborhood, what has sold recently, and at what price? What does inventory look like at the moment in your neighborhood? How many homes are currently on the market in your market?

You should also take into consideration your desired timeframe for selling your home. While Private Placement has its' advantages, it often takes longer in Private Placement to sell your home. You should also consider whether you would like to achieve a higher level of privacy in selling your home through Private Placement, or would you prefer broader exposure through a more conventional listing in the MLS?

At Washington Fine Properties we want to tailor the sale of your home to your specific needs. No matter whether you choose Private Placement or a more conventional listing in the MLS, we will focus on exceeding your expectations, and helping you achieve the highest and best sale possible.

Private Placement For Buyers

Our highly networked agents also stand ready to help buyers find the home of their dreams as well. Through the everyday insights we glean from representing our client sellers, we are often able to quickly put together a match for discerning buyers.

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