Cleveland Park is a neighborhood of historic homes, large trees and open spaces - features that have appealed to the gracefully aging segment of its population. What is now Cleveland Park began in the 18th century with Pretty Prospects (later known as Rosedale), a single estate of nearly a thousand acres. The yellow farmhouse in the middle of the Rosedale property (3501 Newark Street) was actually the home of Revolutionary War General Uriah Forrest. Today, Cleveland Park is a charming residential area famous for its beautiful Victorian and Art Deco homes, as well as its laid-back, family-friendly vibe. Here, you'll find more green spaces than office buildings and more single-family homes than businesses. When it comes to products and services, Cleveland Park residents can find everything they need without having to drive into downtown Washington, D.C. Neighborhood restaurants offer everything from fast food to fine dining, so there's something for everyone. Cleveland Park also boasts plenty of entertainment venues, including the famous Uptown Theater, a renovated 1936 Art Deco cinema that still shows movies today. Locals can also enjoy the beauties of Rock Creek Park, a 1,754-acre urban paradise that offers equestrian and hiking trails, a planetarium, a nature center, sports venues, and a world-class tennis stadium.

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