Kari Wilner

TITLE: Sales Associate
MOBILE: 301-908-9111
FAX: 301-983-2006
WEBSITE: http://www.wfp.com/KariWilner
E-MAIL: kari.wilner@wfp.com


We had the best home buying experience imaginable, despite the competitive market of the 2020-2021/
Covid era, and we owe it all to Kari Wilner. Kari provided a steady hand and invaluable market expertise throughout the process of searching for our dream home at a time when homes were closing well above ask and without contingencies. Throughout it all, there was NEVER a question as to whether she had our best interest at heart, and we NEVER felt as if we were "just another commission." Kari truly cared about finding the perfect house for our growing family – which she did. She was organized, diligent, and thoughtful. She also had impressive and extensive contacts throughout the region, which are necessary in this competitive market. Kari listened, searched, refined, and then turned over every stone in our favorite neighborhoods until she found “the one.” When it came time for offers, counter offers and escalation clauses, Kari was impressive. She calmly and confidently walked us through our options and provided her expert guidance without pushing us out of our comfort zone. She was also a voice of reason, often talking us off the metaphoric ledge rather than allowing us to get caught up in the current of bidding frenzies when she did not think the value was there. When we were in contract, Kari and her spectacular team seamlessly coordinated every single vendor, inspector, lender representative and insurance estimator needed for closing as we tap-danced through the closing process. Now we have a wonderful new home and a wonderful new friend. Don’t spend another minute debating it – hiring Kari and her team will be your best decision yet!

Aaron K.
Buyer, Potomac Falls, MD

Dear Kari,

We want to thank you for your knowledge, guidance, and friendship during our home sale. We loved working with you. Selling a home during a world pandemic is one of the wilder things we have ever done, and we appreciate your partnership through it all.

Mr. and Mrs. D

Kari Wilner is an absolutely amazing agent. Seriously, you can't do better than Kari. She helped us sell our house in Darnestown and was on top of every detail. Then she spent three years (!!!) helping us patiently find just the right house in Rockville. We wanted a house in walking distance from the Metro, right price, right features, etc., during the pandemic and everything else. There were multiple bids, but Kari framed the contract in just the right way.

Kari has an eagle eye for potential problems with a property, errors in the contract paperwork, etc.

Kari and Kecia Kane also helped our son and daughter-in-law find just the right house as well.

Trust us, you can't do any better than this.

JS, Rockville, MD

Dear Kari,

This note is very late in coming, but I wanted to hank you so much for all you did to present and sell our house. It seems that everything went very smoothly. We are very grateful.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Keep up the good work.

Susan B.
N. Potomac

Kari helped my wife and me buy our first family home, and she was a phenomenal guide throughout the entire process. She worked with us for nearly a year, spending hours with us visiting properties on weekends and evenings. She was always available and always flexible. She showed us nearly a hundred properties and was infinitely patient. Kari never made us feel pressured or like we were inconveniencing her. She reached out to us to check in when we took breaks from looking and just to see how we were doing. Kari is very personable and got to know us as people. Along the way, she did small, supportive things for us to make us feel like members of the family. In what was at times a stressful process, she knowledgably and confidently walked us through each step of the way, teaching us what to look for in houses and much more. For every house, she examined carefully and provided thoughtful comments based on what we were looking for. She is a wealth of information and was very effective negotiating on our behalf. We completely trusted her on the whole journey. We can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Kari!

AB, Rockville

Again, we could NOT thank you enough for your help in everything, from listing, to move out logistics. We have worked with over 14 agents in the past 10 years, buying/selling homes and you are the best choice we ever made. I cannot thank you enough for your attention to detail on our property. I really enjoyed our chats and getting to know you.


Kari was a pleasure to work with. Kari was able to quickly sell our home (Bethesda, MD) and was a great communicator throughout the process. She went above and beyond several times during the course of our sale. We had moved from the area but that did not seem to complicate the sale as Kari gave us the white glove treatment! We were thrilled and hired her again shortly thereafter. Kari sold our second home in the area (Silver Spring, MD) extremely quickly and above what we were asking for/expecting, all during an uncertain time (we closed on the second home in mid-March). Have no doubt and hire Kari — you will be thrilled with her results!!


I cannot say enough great things about Kari Wilner and her super-efficient Sales Manager, Kecia Kane. They are the most impressive Real Estate professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Not only did they market my property aggressively and get my town home sold, they kept me apprised of all the developments in a very timely manner. I was sent timelines of what to expect from contract ratification to closing. In any market you need an agent who knows how to negotiate on your behalf, and I’m grateful I had this team on my side. In addition to those important qualities, they made the process delightful every step of the way.

Sondra G., Bethesda

Kari spent countless hours working with myself and my husband to find us our perfect home as first-time homebuyers. We looked at around 30 houses with her before settling on the exact one that fit our needs. She was professional, knowledgeable, extraordinarily easy to get in touch with, and obviously cared about us and helping us find the best home. I highly recommend Kari!

E. in Rockville

Kari was an incredible help to us when we bought our home last year. Her knowledge of the market, patience, thoughtfulness, and her general calming demeanor were a huge help during the purchasing process. We met Kari when she was acting as seller's agent at a home we viewed, and were so struck with her approach that we contacted her the next day to see if she would work with us as a buyer's agent for other properties in the area. We could not be happier with her guidance throughout the entire purchasing process and would work with her again in a heartbeat. I challenge anyone to match Kari's knowledge of the Potomac, Rockville, Bethesda, DC, and other markets around the DC area!


I was fortunate to engage Kari ten years ago on the purchase of my condo in Bethesda — it turned out to be my favorite home. She was highly knowledgeable about the metro DC area and savvy at helping me settle on the new home selection. Ten wonderful years later, I contacted her again when I needed to sell the condo and move out of state after my retirement. Kari’s market expertise, connections and professionalism were very clear, and she sold the condo quickly at a great price. I was called out of town throughout the closing process for a family emergency, and Kari and team handled everything with great care, making the process easy and stress-free for me. I highly recommend Kari’s expert services. She was a pleasure to work with both on the buy and sell side.


Kari was phenomenal! As a first-time home buyer I had a lot of questions and needed a lot of help. She was patient and very thorough in her explanations, and everyone she recommended as part of the process (home inspector, home loan, etc.) was knowledgeable and helpful. I genuinely looked forward to our days of checking out potential new homes because Kari made it so enjoyable and was so friendly and caring. She was just as excited as I was when we found the right place, and I know this would have been a totally different experience if I hadn't had Kari on my side.


My parents needed a higher level of medical care than was possible in their beautiful Olney home of 23 years. This situation developed over 4 months, leaving my parents no time to start to downsize possessions or domicile. Enter Kari Wilner! She had just sold a home across the street from my parents, whose owners were very close friends and very discriminating people...literally after a day on the market. Kari quickly calmed me down about getting my parents’ home ready for market, given that it had a lifetime of accumulated possessions from my parents inside by coordinating with a number of services that organize possessions for online and in-place sale, conduct auction for high value items, donate possessions to charity, move other material to the dump, and moved some sentimental items to my home. Then she and her team organized restoration work to get the house market-ready, found a buyer within days of listing, negotiated the entire process of selling, including multiple home inspections flawlessly, and set us up for closing without a hitch. If Kari were in the military, she'd be in Seal Team Six. Best Realtor that I have ever worked with!


Kari sold two properties for me in the Bethesda, Maryland, area, and I could not be happier with the process. I live in California and never had any problems with the sale because Kari took care of everything without fail. I would definitely use her again if I was selling or buying a property in Maryland.


Dear Kari,

We cannot begin to thank you enough for all your hard work over the past year to sell our house. Not only did you put in great amounts of time and effort on our behalf, but you always conducted business with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and good humor. You were an excellent guide for us throughout this process, and we appreciated that you stayed level-headed and cool and through the many highs and lows over the year. We chose you as our realtor for all these reasons and we are so grateful to you for bringing this sale to fruition.

Terry and Bill Witowsky

Kari did an excellent job in suggesting improvements to make our sale. She was perfectly balanced with ones that are important but not overly expensive. Not living locally, she went the extra mile for us, overseeing both clean up and improvements for us. Her pricing of our property was excellent, bringing a quick but good sale above listing price. Her 28 years of experience were very obvious in our transaction. We highly recommend her.

Potomac Seller

My husband and I have bought and sold four houses in the DC area (in Georgetown, Spring Valley, Kenwood, and most recently in Potomac) since the 1980s, using eight different real estate agents. In terms of knowledge, dedication, personality, and results, there is no doubt in our minds that Kari Wilner was the best agent we have dealt with.

Thanks to Kari Wilner, my husband and I were able to sell our home in northern Bethesda/southern Potomac just in time to close on a home which we had contracted to purchase in Tucson, Arizona! Once Kari surmised our situation, the challenging (if not foolhardy) timing obstacle which faced us, she immediately went to work. She advised on staging our home in the least expensive way. She was in constant contact with us either by text, email, or phone. In addition, she utilized her many contacts throughout the Washington metropolitan area, including potential buyers and other savvy realtors, so that we experienced a steady parade of potential buyers on an almost daily basis.

Kari’s deep understanding of the various neighborhoods and their cultures is yet more evidence of her incomparable experience. She has her finger on the pulse of every transaction in which she is involved.

Potomac Sellers Marsha and Charles B.

Kari was extremely helpful to us with selling our house. She is professional, knowledgeable about the area and housing values, and a pleasure to deal with! In a very difficult situation, she came through with flying colors. We highly recommend her. Thank you, Kari!

Potomac Seller

We took a year choosing our first house, and Kari was with is every step of the way! From discussing neighborhoods and school districts to fences and pools to home inspections and contingencies, Kari's knowledge, competence and fast responses were well beyond what we expected. Kari provided support and advice through all facets of our search, and the result was a house that is perfect for our family in every respect! Thanks, Kari!


Kari was so great to us in our search for a house. She went above and beyond to ensure that we found the perfect home for our family. Highly recommended!


Ours was an unusual situation as the realtor we were looking with was scheduled to move before our settlement. She introduced us to Kari. and we immediately felt at ease! Kari is quick to smile, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about the more difficult process of securing a home loan in this day and age. Although my husband and I were well qualified for the loan, there were so many hoops to go through that we were almost ready to pay cash! Kari listened to us, communicated our concerns to the loan officers and helped to quicken the process. She also helped to move things along as we worked with the seller's realtor who had no experience with computers! Kari represented us at the settlement table as if she had known us for years. Kari made sure that all of our concerns were addressed!

Norma and Jeff

Kari was great to work with. She is very professional and gives good advice. She also made herself available during the times when we were able to come see houses. I would definitely work with her again!


We needed a special agent since we were making a cross-country move with three children under age 5. The situation required the majority of our house-hunting work to occur at a distance. We only had three days in Metro DC to find a home. Kari fit the bill. She was extraordinary! We had several conversations before our trip to DC. Kari knew what we needed, honed the search, and we found our home in two days. on the third day we had our inspection and saw an offer through acceptance. In addition, Kari advocated for us through a negotiation with the seller to cover a portion of the closing costs. Kari is highly recommended!


Kari did an amazing job helping us find our first home. Most homes we were interested in were out of our reach. She kept up with us as we fixed up our first house into a great little home. When we needed to upsize as our family grew, Kari worked with us to make our first home ready for the market. She helped us to secure financing for a new house while we were preparing to list our current home. Kari helped to make sure everything went through with the timing of both closings.She did not let medical emergencies of buyers or bank mistakes derail the sale or purchase. Kari was clan and reassuring though all of it. She will definitely be a family friend for years to come. I could not recommend anyone more than I do Kari.


We had to move in a very short time to a very specific area. Kari was amazing and found us a great house before it went on the market. She was also extremely patient in negotiations with the seller. We were recommended to go to Kari, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to others.


Yesterday’s closing was a monumentus day for us in a process that is and will continue to be life altering and we hope, life affirming.

And in both senses, Kari, this was a hard assignment. It required you to not only find the right home, a job I know you do regularly and clearly well. It also required you to help us find a home that suited us in ways that are not entirely easy to actualize in a manor that is borne of a tragic circumstance and which has the potential to change Kathleen's and all of our lives for the better as a family. You were a marvelous agent, and I will always admire and be grateful for your deft advice in negotiating. And for your gentle hand pointing to the rare combination of assets to be found in Marlin Terrace.

You worked with us with commitment and dedication and patience (much!) and just sensitivity. We are and will always be grateful for all that you gave us.

On to phase II! With gratitude, admiration and thanks,

Eric Greenberg

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I received a letter from Kari Wilner indicating she was working with a young couple who was interested in moving into my neighborhood. I thought that was a very nice approach and since I was moving, I called Kari to discuss it with her. I had interviewed several agents but really liked Kari’s approach. I decided to work with her and from there on out, everything was positive, even though I was selling my home on my own without a realtor.

Kari went out of her way to make sure all of my needs were met, and she kept me informed along the way. She is extremely efficient, detailed and made the whole experience quite pleasant. I would highly recommend Kari if you want to sell your home or purchase a new home.


Mary H. Bradford

Dear Kari:

I am not sure where to begin or end this note of thanks! You have been far more to us than a real estate agent—you have said so many times that “It’s my job,” but you went way and above this being a “job” to help us find our new home. Thank you for everything.

Alison & James

We have worked with many real estate brokers, none of whom can match the professionalism, competence, and care of Kari Wilner. We looked forever to find the perfect house and could not have succeeded in acquiring it without Kari's dedication, patience, and tenacity. The housing market in our area is one of the most highly competitive in the nation, and it takes the skill and savvy of a broker like Kari to find and get what you want. We have since recommended her to everyone we meet who is looking to purchase the home of their dreams.

Kay and Dennis
Chevy Chase, MD

I have known Kari Wilner for almost 10 years. She has helped my wife and me buy and/or sell four properties. She is more than just a realtor but a friend. We have probably looked at over 50 properties together, and she never seemed impatient but rather examining each with her careful eye to determine what made sense for us. Her character is beyond reproach, and she truly treats each customer like a new member of the family. Unlike a lot of people in business today, Kari does things the right way. She will guide you and your family through what can be a stressful process with a good nature and, more importantly, years of experience. Even years after buying our house, I can call her for advice about a potential addition or whom to call to fix the plumbing. She is always willing to talk and happy to help. We have a realtor for life and I assure you that she will not disappoint.

Josh Hartzell

My husband and I have worked with Kari Wilner since the 1990s and every time has been a delight. We have bought one home with her and sold three homes. She has consistently worked to get us the best prices and has helped us think through all the decisions involved. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the housing market, and most importantly, explains everything in clear language, so that all the processes are easy to understand and get through efficiently. She does all this while being a delightful person to spend time with and extremely trustworthy. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Lin Foa

I was very happy with the advice on how to prepare my home for sale as well as giving a realistic sale price. Her courteous manner and optimistic outlook as well as her wealth of experience in the real estate field culminated in a successful sale.

Alison Ordu