Shaye Zakotnik

TITLE: Sales Associate
MOBILE: 301-775-1874
OFFICE: 202-333-3320


Shaye was wonderful to work with in finding my home in DC from start to finish in all aspects. She showed me several places based on my list of wants and must-haves, and really helped me narrow down exactly what I wanted. I am now living in the place that I'm quite happy with, thanks to Shaye. When I first met her I told her that I wasn't looking for anything immediately, but had a few months to find what I was looking for. She respected that, didn't push at all, but would send me places that matched my interest and check in occasionally. It was the perfect amount of involvement.

As I came closer to buying, she spent more time with me looking at places. She was professional, patient, and has an upbeat energy that I really appreciate, which helped make looking for a new home fun. Her communication was prompt and clear, quite responsive. She understands the business. I think she said that her father's work was related to real estate, and she learned a lot about the various aspects. It showed. She pointed out potential concerns and advantages with the various properties, many which I wouldn't have noticed. Two examples immediately come to mind: one was the special assessment on one property that she pointed out showed a concern with the finances of the condo association, and the other that there was little evidence for how another condo used the relatively high condo fee. Both things to stay away from.

When I decided to put an offer on my new home, we went over some numbers, and she was key with the negotiations. I am quite pleased with what I paid. After signing a contract, Shaye sent me a list with a step-by-step guide to what I need to do next and when I needed to do it. She suggested I get a couple other offers from other lenders, and one she suggested provided a better rate and terms than what I found. So glad I listened to that suggestion. The settlement company she suggested made the closing go smoothly. The inspector she knew likewise was professional and thorough. I would highly recommend Shaye! Thanks again Shaye!

S. B., Buyer in DC