Kathy Kiernan

TITLE: Sales Associate
DIRECT TEL: 202-567-2712
MOBILE: 301-523-7926
OFFICE: 202-944-5000
E-MAIL: Kathy.Kiernan@wfp.com


We arrived in Washington on Tuesday, May 19th. On Wednesday, May 20th, we saw a condominium we liked. Kathy Kiernan helped us evaluate the property, determine pricing and a bidding strategy. The property was not yet listed. On Thursday, May 21st, Kathy drafted a contract and sent it to the sellerís broker. The seller accepted our offer Friday evening, May 22nd, after Kathyís successful negotiation with the sellerís broker for everything we wanted and more. We closed on June 5th.

We live in Scottsdale, Arizona. We planned to look at some property over the summer for a pied-a-terre in Washington. We never imagined we would sign a contract for a property four days after our arrival. In fact, when we share this with people, they cannot quite believe we closed on a property in just over two weeks. We are now happily ensconced in a dream, sun-swept condo, in a perfect location with French doors we open wide to our terrace most days.

Kathy Kiernan is the reason we found a place we love and closed in lightning speed with a very satisfactory contract, avoiding bidding contention. She knew exactly what we should include in our offer and negotiated numerous high-value benefits to us from the seller ó from paining to closing date. Our purchase was also more complicated, as it is in the name of a trust and all the financial documentation was in Arizona. Since May, there has been no hour in the day when Kathy was not available to handle questions, obtain information, and get paperwork completed. Since the day our offer was accepted, Kathy put us in touch with countless requisite individuals/tradesmen to complete our new place. These contacts greeted us receptively on the basis of Kathyís reputation with them. There was not a question she couldnít answer Ė and usually within hours.

We have fairly extensive experience with ten homes on both sides of a residential transaction in the U.S. and England. Never in our property history have we worked with anyone like Kathy, who literally puts a face to what is called 24/7 and knows how to move through every step of a real estate transaction with ease.

We were so impressed with Kathy we asked to see the offices of Washington Fine Properties. Clearly, you have a first-class operation in service to your clients. Going forward we have and will be recommending Kathy Kiernan and Washington Fine Properties to anyone interested in the purchase, rental or sale of property.

We are most grateful to Kathy for her role in enabling us to establish a Washington residence. We wish Kathy and Washington Fine Properties every continued success. If we can provide any testimonials for your firm going forward, we would be delighted to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Lucien-Scholle and Robert Scholle

We have bought and sold many homes over the years and we have to say that working with Susie Maguire and Kathy Kiernan was the best experience we have ever had in real estate. They were the most professional and helpful agents, taking care of all our needs quickly and efficiently. They coordinated, oversaw and resolved repairs and upgrades necessary for the sale of the house. We followed their advice, and our house sold within days at the price we were hoping to get. It doesn't get any better than this.

The Trustees of 3 Chalfont Court