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Lillian Waters

Sales Associate




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Loudoun, Fauquier, Rappahannock, Clarke, Madison, Page, Prince William and Warren


Cheryl is an experienced agent with a plethora of market knowledge gained after more than 40 years of living and working in Loudoun County, Virginia. Having lived in Loudoun since before recent development of Western Loudoun as well as being present for past developments she has an edge when it comes to understanding the diverse and genuinely unique market in which we are currently immersed. Her acquired skills are truly diversified whether it be marketing a luxury home to be sold, helping a first-time homebuyer find their perfect nook, or uncovering the right property for an investor. Cheryl is THE realtor to have in Virginia as she truly takes pride in each clients' venture, making it her own journey. Her vision is to deeply serve each client with the utmost integrity and respect while ultimately delivering the home of their dreams in record time. Whether you have a home to sell or are looking to buy a new home, contact Cheryl today and let her show you what it really means to provide superior service by earning your business today!!

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