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Matt Cheney

Associate Broker




About Matt Cheney

District of Columbia

MSRE, Johns Hopkins
BA, St. Lawrence

Matt’s clients praise his professionalism, market knowledge, and focus. He values the importance of customer service and discretion while he strives to simplify the entire home buying or selling process for his clients. Matt attributes the value he places on home ownership to his mother, who has had a 30-year career in home financing in Bethesda, Maryland. He also personally understands the difficulty of selling a cherished property after having experienced the sale of a 300-acre estate in Litchfield, Connecticut, that had been in his family for more than 80 years.

Matt started his real estate career in 2003 with The Mayhood Company during the condo boom, and he completed over 1,000 real estate transactions in 20 new condominium projects for real estate developers in the District of Columbia and Bethesda. Then, with Stanley Martin Homes, he was the broker of record and sole sales agent for the award-winning Foxhall Ridge townhome development. Since joining Washington Fine Properties in 2014, Matt has represented both buyers and sellers of private residences and new developments in Washington, Bethesda, and Northern Virginia.

Matt lives in the West End neighborhood of Washington with his wife Natalia and their Chocolate Labrador Duke.

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Printable Testimonials
Buying and selling property is a time-consuming and exacting process and Matt Cheney was the perfect facilitator who made it easy for us. We met Matt when we went to an open house for a condo he was showing. He was very pleasant and presented the property in a lively and knowledgeable way. We decided to contact him regarding selling our house and buying an apartment. Matt was immediately on top of everything. Matt helped us identify, consider and weigh alternative strategies for selling our house and buying an apartment. He discussed the minutiae of our requirements so he only showed us apartments that matched what we needed. He walked us through the necessary paperwork. When we decided on a coop, he introduced us to a contractor who could provide cost estimates for needed work. He provided lists of movers who operated in our area. In fact, he found us the perfect home.

When it came to selling our house, he provided us with a network of people such as appraisers, assessors, movers and title companies who would help in the process. He also identified “stagers” who could “stage” the house and contractors who could perform various repairs and painting. Matt’s staff sent us detailed lists of every utility, including phone numbers, that we would need to contact regarding change of address.

Most importantly, Matt was always there for us and two steps ahead of every question. He called us frequently to make sure each step was proceeding in a timely and accurate manner. He coordinated between the various actors (contractor, assessor, title company) and us to schedule all activities and made sure no step was omitted. We spoke with Matt almost daily to make sure all details were covered. We highly recommend putting yourselves in Matt’s hands for house buying and selling.

Steven and Julia Ingels

Matt is a consummate professional, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He exceeded expectations by successfully marketing and selling out all eight condo units in Lanier Station in Lanier Heights at proforma in what was a very complex and challenging new condominium development. Most importantly, he was patient and communicated in a way that instilled trust within our partnership.

Separately, he helped my family and me find and purchase our current home at a very favorable price. We will work with him again and strongly recommend him to others!

Pete Lambis

Matt helped us find our first home together as a family. He was extremely helpful from the outset. We were unsure exactly what we were looking for in a home, but Matt was extremely patient with us. We started our search in close-in MD, Northern VA and most of DC, a search area way too diverse to really be useful. Matt helped nudge us along without being pushy whatsoever to narrowing down our options by asking us questions about things that we hadn't even thought of or considered. He also stayed very relaxed and patient on our first weekend house tour when we spent 30-40 minutes at each house even though he only had 15 minutes built into the schedule for each stop. We ran two hours over, but Matt kept answering our questions and joking along with us. Matt even helped us figure out things to do on our own to help the process along by sending us lists of open houses in the areas we were looking at and giving us suggestions about where to drive/walk in each area in order to get a sense of the neighborhoods.

When we were ready to put an offer on our home, Matt was headed to the airport for a vacation that started that night. Even with everything going on, he was able to coordinate the offer, contract and back and forth with the seller's agent. Because of his fast response, our offer was accepted before he even left.

His connections proved very useful when it came time to find an inspector for our house. He had relationships with inspectors of varying styles from quick and high level to slower and more detailed in walking you through the process.

Overall, we are extremely grateful for Matt's patience, advice and support during this stressful but exciting time for our family. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone searching for a home in the DC, VA and MD areas.

Carlie and Steve

We would absolutely recommend Matt to anyone searching for a home in the Washington, DC, area. We were first-time home buyers, and Matt was extremely knowledgeable and detailed when explaining the nuances of residential real estate to us. We both work hectic jobs and often only had time to tour homes on Friday mornings or Sunday afternoons, and he was extremely flexible and generous with his time to ensure we saw a wide variety of places. Matt was also very patient with us as we slowly expanded our search parameters until we found a charming home in the perfect neighborhood. He gave us solid advice throughout the entire process and we can't thank him enough!

Marie and Jimmy

We have worked successfully with Matt on two multi-unit for sale residential projects. Matt is very focused and incredibly professional. He was committed to having a thorough understanding of the product to sell, not just the specific unit features and building attributes, but also regarding the community, so he could tell the full lifestyle story. Matt has a very comfortable demeanor and can relate to the wide spectrum of candidate buyers.

Marc Dubick, President
Duball, LLC

We're so glad we met Matt and then followed his advice. At first we thought his advice to stage our place and move out while he showed it was crazy, but Matt had such a calm confidence about him that we decided to trust him. That trust proved well-placed when our condo was under contract four days later and sold for $40,000 more than we'd thought we could sell it for. At the same time, Matt helped us navigate the process to buy a townhouse. When our original couple of offers weren't accepted, Matt pinpointed what we needed to do to increase our competitive edge despite not being able to increase our downpayment. Matt was consistently patient, helpful, easy-going, and calm - exactly what we needed when going through such a transition! We love our new place and know we wouldn't have gotten it without his guidance.

Jess and Bobby Long

Courtney and I sold our home in December 2015. We had an amazing experience working with Matt Cheney at Washington Fine Properties (WFP) when we sold our home. During our initial meeting, Matt provided us with a step-by-step plan for both preparing the house to be put on the market in addition to putting the house on the market and handling offers.

First, he helped us with a plan to get the house ready to be put on the market. He visited us at our house, walked through the house, and gave us his initial opinions. He provided us with a realistic estimate, both in terms of pricing and timing regarding selling our house, especially due to the fact that we were not selling the house during the "hot" season.

Next, he organized multiple realtors to visit our house as well and make recommendations regarding painting/staging/repairing the house as well as pricing the house competitively in the market. He reviewed the realtors' suggestions with us, indicating which recommendations he thought were high-priority and how the suggested house pricing affected his strategy of pricing the house. He also helped us find people to paint and stage our house.

Prior to putting out house on the market, Matt reviewed with us both his suggested pricing of the house and the strategy behind the pricing. He also offered realistic expectations on how long it would take to sell the house.

Once we got the house on the market, Matt had a clear strategy to market our home to as many realtors and online sites as possible. Due to the fact that the house was properly priced and staged, there was a lot of interest in this house from the moment it was placed on the market. This allowed us to get multiple offers, many with escalation clauses, within 2 weeks of putting the house on the market and eventually sell our home above asking price and above our initial expectations.

Our family had to move to Pittsburgh during the process; Matt took care of everything, including the closing, for us. Throughout the process, Matt was always in communication with us, letting us know what was going on or checking in with us to see if we had any questions.

We would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell their home. The amount of effort he put in before, during, and after our house was on the market made an otherwise stressful process very manageable for our family.

Courtney and Sree

Matt is incredibly professional and very knowledgeable about the local market. He has great database marketing skills and reach, which led to over 100 potential buyers actually visiting my home while it was on the market. He is very dedicated from a communication and customer service perspective, so we were constantly in touch. I would definitely use Matt as my agent on any future sale, and would highly recommend him to others.

Chris Parmentier

Matt is a consummate professional who knows how to price the house right to sell. He made the sale seem easy with his calm and steady attitude and was quick to respond to our questions and needs. I highly recommend him.

Catherine Fletcher

We learned of Matt when he sold a condo in our building. At our first meeting, he laid out an aggressive plan of what he and his team would do, and then exceeded his production at every step. His pricing prediction and the reasons for it proved out in the market. We had ten lookers before our property was on MLS, then he had double his prediction at our open house. He told us we would look at offers on the next Tuesday, and he was sitting with us Monday night for the acceptance. We were officially on the market for four days. His brochure of our place was so good, we kept a couple of copies for future reference. Throughout the process, any time there was work to be done, Matt was asking our permission so he could do it. Compared with some of the languishing properties in our building, Matt came through and completed the transaction quicker than we ever expected.

Richard and Alma Davies

Congratulations on your move to Washington Fine Properties. I am sure you will add another dimension to their capabilities.

Looking back, our projects at White Flint were some unique times in the condo market. On the one hand we could not move fast enough to close the units, and on the other hand we had to resell almost half the building when the market turned. That said, your approach and expertise helped make selling 650 units at the Gallery @ WFP and Sterling condominiums possible.

All the best,

Chief Financial Officer
The Donohoe Companies, Inc.

Matt is the consummate professional. He was a tremendous help to me as I was one of the first to buy a new home in FOXHALL RIDGE, and he made it a point to always check in and was always available to help, long after the sale was complete. A total class act and a great friend to any buyer.

Rainey Foster
Partner, Leading Authorities, Inc.